Party Tricks: the UK’s favourite 40

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It might have been a while since any of us were at a proper party, but how long since you showed off your top party trick?

Here's the some of the UK's top party tricks.

The top 40 most popular secret skills in British people


The top 40 most popular secret skills in British people

shuffling cards1 of 10

shuffling cards

1 - Shuffle a deck of cards2 - Peel an orange in one piece3 - Roll your tongue4 - Say the alphabet backwards

Shadow puppet2 of 10

Shadow puppet

5 - Shadow puppetry 6 - Complex mental arithmetic 7 - Do a cartwheel 8 - Wolf whistle

handstand3 of 10


9 - Do a handstand 10 - Flip a stack of coasters 11 - Fit a high number of Malteasers in your mouth 12 - 'The Robot' dance move

darts4 of 10


13 - Hit the bull's eye on a dartboard 14 - Keepie-uppies with a football 15 - List historic kings and queens 16 - Bounce a penny into a glass

Juggling5 of 10


17 - Juggling 18 - Balance a can on its tipping point 19 - 'The Moonwalk' dance move 20 - Draw a perfect circle

snooker6 of 10


21 - Solve a Rubik's Cube 22 - Touch the tip of your nose with your big toe 23 - A snooker/pool table 'trick shot' 24 - Make a coin disappear

yoga7 of 10


25 - Touch the tip of your nose with your tongue 26 - Demonstrate doubler-jointedness 27 - Bird calls 28 - 'The Worm' dance move

wiggle ears8 of 10

wiggle ears

29 - Open a champagne bottle with a knife 30 - Wiggle your ears 31 - Open a bottle with your teeth 32 - Reliably score 180 on a dart board

yoga9 of 10


33 - Put your legs behind your head 34 - Guess someone's playing card 35 - Make your muscles dance 36 - Pull the tablecloth from a cluttered dinner table

splits10 of 10


37 - Name all US states in alphabetical order 38 - Guess the number someone is thinking of 39 - Do the splits 40 - Light a match with your thumb

A study has found the top 40 most popular secret talents that Brits possess - but most of us are too shy to show them off.

According to a study undertaken by Matalan, millions of people in the UK have a special secret party talent that they would class as "must-see" - but most wouldn't ever dream of showing off.

Of the 2,000 people surveyed, one in ten have never revealed their secret skill to ANYONE, and only half perform them every now and then.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a third of those polled WISHED they had more opportunities to perform their special skills.

One in four people think that every single person has a hidden talent, and one in 10 have actually entered a talent show in the past.

Surprisingly, one in six have performed their skill in exchange for money, or to win a bet.

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