South Korea introduces ‘larger parking spaces’ specifically for women drivers

South Korea have introduced special parking spots for female drivers, making them eight inches wider and outlining them in pink


by Kayleigh Dray |
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The parking spaces - dubbed “she-spots” - have been introduced in the South Korean capital Seoul, and are eight inches wider to make it 'easier for women drivers' to park in them.

They also come complete with pink dividing lines and a pink symbol of a woman, complete with skirt, just to make sure females everywhere understand exactly what they're for.

Unsurprisingly, critics have branded them patronising, sexist, and pointless, but the authorities in Seoul say they will also be closer to shops and have better lighting for safety reasons.

And, while many have expressed their outrage over the sexist parking scheme, some Twitter users have revealed that they love the idea of female-friendly parking spaces.

One user wrote: "Moving to South Korea, they've invented female friendly car parking spaces"

Another added: "Fantastic! Are they closer to the front door?"

One more quipped: "we need them! Itll teach men to stop stealing our spots!"

We think that gender has absolutely nothing to do with some people being bad at parking - it's all about whether you're a good or bad driver. Maybe a new spot should be created for the self-confessed bad parallel parks out there, regardless of their gender, instead.

What do you think of the scheme? Ridiculously patronising or a good idea?

Do women need bigger parking spaces than men?

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