Think your smart phone is NEGATIVELY impacting your life? You’re not alone…

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If you feel like your smart phone is negatively impacting your life, you're not alone...

Smart phones are great. They keep us in touch with family and friends at home and abroad, are a constant source of news and entertainment, and literally help us get where we're going (seriously - what did we do before Google Maps and Uber?).

But increasingly, many of us are realising there are downsides too, and a new survey by Grazia magazine has highlighted the ways in which smart phones are negatively impacting our lives.

Smart phones
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The survey of 1,000 women aged 16 - 64, from all over the UK, covered all areas of our lives - from how phones are affecting our mental health, families and even our sex lives.

The survey found that the vast majority of women are annoyed by phones being used in social situations, such as during a conversation (95%), during a meal out (83%), and during a night out (64%).

In fact, a staggering 68% of women surveyed agreed that 'phones now often ruin what once would have been quality time with family/ friends.'

smart phones
Cyber bullying is a big concern for parents (Credit: Getty) ©Getty

Unsurprisingly, women with children are also increasingly nervous about the impact smart phones are having on their kids.

52% of mothers surveyed were worried about their child being a victim of cyber bullying, while just over half said they have concerns about the amount of time their kids spend on their phones or other digital devices.

Talking about the survey - which is part of their special Unplugged issue (on sale now) - Grazia editor Natasha Pearlman commented: “Advances in technology have given us huge benefits and transformed our lives and careers. However, this survey reveals we’ve reached a tipping point. Where technology once liberated us, now we feel we’re slaves or negatively addicted to it.

"I was astounded at quite how much our mobile use affects our mental health, and increases anxiety – and the huge number of women who say phones ruin quality time with friends and family. It’s why we have scoured the globe to bring our readers different ways to disconnect in our special Unplugged Issue.”


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