Size eight model hits back at skinny shamers who labelled her ‘sick and disgusting’

If you’re naturally skinny, you might just empathise with this one woman’s story about being thin-shamed.


by Ellie Hooper |
Published on

While we are constantly being told to ‘embrace our curves’ these days, it still seems perfectly acceptable to criticise women who are naturally on the slender side.

Which is why one model had enough, hitting back at critics who said she looks ‘digusting,’ ‘like a skeleton,’ and told her to eat a burger.

After a photographer posted a black and white photo of her lying on a beach, many viewers said the model ‘must be anorexic’ due to her visible ribs and slender frame.

But Genevieve Barker hit back, telling the Daily Mail Australia: ‘I see articles all the time condemning ‘fat shamers’ and how appalling it is that a woman should ever call another woman ‘too big.’’

‘However it is seen as empowering, and speaking out for the ‘real women’ if people comment ‘too thin, eat something, gaunt, disgusting’ about thin women.’

‘I am thin, I AM a real woman.’

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