Simple trick reveals if it’s too hot to walk your dog safely

Dog walking when it's hot outside

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Worried that it’s too hot to take your dog out for a walk? This 'handy' trick will help keep your pet safe in the sun

With temperatures soaring up and down the country, it’s important to make sure our family pets are comfortable in the heat.

We all know the dangers of leaving dogs in hot cars and the importance of making sure our canine friends have enough water to keep cool.

But it’s also crucial to know when and where it’s safe to take your pooch for their daily walk during the hot weather.

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Maria Fowler and her dog1 of 5
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Maria Fowler and her dog

  1. You've got pictures of them in your house2) You give them a nickname as well as their actual name 3) You can't imagine life with another dog 4) They have their own space on the sofa
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Binky Felstead and her dog

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Lucy Watson and her dog4 of 5
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Lucy Watson and her dog

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Pete Wicks and his dog5 of 5
CREDIT: Instagram / p_wicks01

Pete Wicks and his dog

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Moon Valley Canine Training in Sonoma, California, have shared a clever trick to help determine if your neighbourhood is simply too hot for your furry family member.

They recommend trying the 'five-second rule'.

too hot to walk dogs outside
©Facebook / Moon Valley Canine Training

The company wrote on their Facebook page: "The five-second rule: Place the back of your hand on the pavement. If you cannot hold it for five seconds, it's too hot to walk your dog."


If the pavement is too hot for your hand then it will almost definitely be too hot for your dog’s sensitive paws, and nobody wants to see their beloved family pet in any pain or distress.

Adorable dogs sleeping

If the pavement is too hot, it is recommended that pet owners take their dogs to a grassy park or a wooded area for their daily exercise.

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