Shocking video shows parents making their 11-month old baby paraglide

A shocking video has been uploaded online showing parents strapping a crying baby to a paraglide.


by Fiona Day |
Published on

The sounds of the baby’s cries are deafening as a man (who appears to be the baby’s father) straps the 11-month-old into the paragliding harness.

Despite the child’s distress, the parents continue to prepare the child for what can only be one of the most inappropriate paragliding sessions ever.

The video then shows the a man running along the beach whilst another sends the baby into the air.

The paraglide, along with the baby, reaches a substantial height before adults start running down the beach after the child.

The clip also shows cars honking their horns in horror at the scene that unfolds. Some drivers ever get try to get out of their cars.

Watch the shocking footage below:

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