Shocking new dating website where women find men to fund their boob jobs

A new dating website has promised to help women find men to pay for their breast implants.


by Fiona Day |
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The website claims to help women ‘raise’ money donated by men who message them through the site.

The site attempts to attract men by promising them that they will meet people in exchange for a fee.

The men are then obliged to help the women they meet on the site raise money towards a boob job, therefore providing female members with ‘free’ breast implants.

The website encourages women to share photos and create videos for the ‘friends’ that they meet online.

Men can watch the videos and exchange messages with women of their choosing if they are willing to part ways with their cash.

The site also encourages women to keep a blog on the site to let their ‘personality’ come through.

New users are unable to send messages to potential donors until they have uploaded at least 6 photos onto their profile.

Many women using the site post provocative images whereas many men don’t even feature in their own display pictures.

The site promises to help women to find a 'free boob job'
The site promises to help women to find a 'free boob job'

The site also hosts ‘contests’ created by users which off the prize of a donation.

Contests range from subjects like ‘favourite movies’ to ‘Show me your knickers!!!’

Another competition entitled ‘It’s all in the jeans’ asks women to post pictures of themselves in skin-tight jeans.

‘Featured girls’ are members who offer to write about the site and promote it in exchange for more exposure for donations.

The site claims to have helped over 1000 women score ‘free’ boob jobs since it was originally founded in 2005.

Do you think this is a safe or healthy way to fund a boob op?

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