Shocking gun safety advert conveys message using sex toys

A shocking gun safety advert shown in America uses sex toys to put it’s message across.


by Fiona Day |

The video shows two mothers chatting on a porch as their young sons run through the front door yelling.

The mothers smile as they look over at their children playing together, but their smiles turn to embarrassed frowns when they realize that their sons are acting out a sword fight with sex toys.

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The children, obviously too young to realize what they have found in their parent’s cupboard, pretend that the sex toys are swords as they clash on the front lawn, in front of the whole street.

The voice over then reminds parents: ‘If they’ll find it, they’ll play with it.’

The advert was made to remind parents that a child’s natural curiosity coupled with their naivety can make a deadly combination, and is designed to encourage families to either store guns out of the way of children or to remove them from the home completely.

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American gun laws are controversial, and have been subject of debate for decades.

Many parents are calling for guns to be banned and stricter laws imposed, but many argue that they have the right to defend their property with firearms.

Do you think this is an effective advert?

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