Shocking footage shows pregnant woman being ignored by police officer, after his colleague hit her in the face over driving dispute

A six months pregnant woman was consistently ignored by a police officer, after one of his colleagues hit the woman in the face over a driving dispute.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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Andrea Dingess arrived at the police station in Michigan to file an assault charge, after a police officer allegedly hit her in the face when they got into a dispute about driving.

The officer in question had written the expectant mother a ticket for not having ID, but when she pulled out her identification, the officer then threw the ticket back at her and hit her in the face.

With her friends filming, Ms Dingess approaches a police officer on duty at the station and asks him to file the assault charge against his colleague, to which he sarcastically responds: 'What do you want me to do, go out there and arrest him?'

The woman replies: 'Yeah! That's what you do to normal people when they assault people.'

The officer repeatedly ignores the woman's request to file a report, and as Ms Dingess gets more enraged with the situation, she says: 'You're telling me an officer has a right to assault a pregnant woman?'

He replies: 'I don't believe he did that.'

The video has been shared over 70,000 times since it was published last week, although it is unclear if Andrea has pressed on with her case.

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