Shock video of Devil’s Breath drug – used by gangs to put victims in zombie-like state

This footage may be disturbing for some readers


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The UK is on standby after it was confirmed that the drug Devil’s Breath – which puts users into a zombie-like state – had been found in Europe.

Shockingly the drug is used to aid criminals, as once their victim is under the influence they can be easily persuaded to hand over their valuables. One report claims that people have seen gang members asking people to smell flowers before throwing the drug, in powder form, into their face.

A recent incident in France saw at least 20 people targeted and police described the victims as going into a “hypnotic state under the total sway of their handlers” after the powder was blown into their faces.

A police insider added: “They got the victims to take them to their home, where they asked them to put all their jewellery and money into a bag and hand it over to them.”

It’s now believed two woman and a man, thought to belong to the Devil’s Breath gang, have been arrested. It’s possible the trio could be part of a much larger organised crime network operating across Europe and the UK.

The drug, also known as burandanga or scopolamine, is made from the seeds of a South American plant related to deadly nightshade. It’s use there is widespread and it’s claimed that some tribes have used the drug on the wives of dead chiefs so they can be buried alive.

In this video, a woman under the influence of Devil’s Breath can be seen completely out of control in her body and unable to function.

Some people may find this footage distressing.

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