‘Sex at 13 is normal’ school pupils told

School pupils receiving sex education are b wing told that sex at the age of 13 is normal, campaigners have claimed.


by Ellie Hooper |
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The Family Education Trust have said that classes held in schools offer advice that contradict the law in Britain, where the age of consent is set at 16.

Sarah Carter from the trust, said the inclusion of a link to a ‘traffic light tool’ made it seem that classes are stating sex from an early age is a normal practise.

A teacher in a sex ed class
A teacher in a sex ed class

The tool ‘states that young people who are consensually sexually active from the age of 13, this is normal behaviour and development, whereas actually the law states that young person should wait until they are 16 at least, never mind if they are ready or not,’ Sarah said.

‘That’s awfully unlawful behaviour, and so quite often what’s taught isn’t always lawful.’

Sarah has taken her concerns to the Commons Education Select Committee.

The Committee chairman, Graham Stuart, said that: ‘There’s no one in our community who feels we should be trying to sexualise our children, or any of those kind of things.’

‘What we want is children to develop healthy and safe relationships and it’s really important that teachers are provided with the necessary training in order to do that.’

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