You HAVE to see this adorable newborn baby with the longest, fullest head of hair ever

The internet is having trouble handling how cute she is.

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Yes, all newborn babies are cute, we can agree on that. But this tiny bubba - who entered the world with a head full of fluffy hair - makes us seriously warm and fuzzy inside.

When proud parents Mike and Drea posted a snap of little Coral online, they didn’t expect the picture to capture the attention of the internet quite like it did.

But people from all over the glove fell in love with the Hawaiian-born bubba, now two months old, all thanks to her killer hair.

Check it out:

CREDIT: Instagram/picgenic.


Can you believe the volume this little lady has got? We have serious hair envy…

CREDIT: Instagram/picgenic.

The surprising thing is, Coral wasn’t born with such long luscious locks, but her hair seems to have grown at an insanely quick rate.

Could she be the real life Rapunzel?

The parents also posted a snap of Coral to Imgur, and have racked up near to 1.5 million views thanks to her locks.

Yup, already an internet star at two months!

Followers were quick to comment on the bubba’s ‘do.

One wrote: “Holy cr*p, my daughter didn't have that much hair until like 2y.”

Another added: “omg look at that head of hair! and her eyes!! sooo cuuuutttteeeee”

And another raved: “People keep saying my son has alot if hair for his age (9 months) it aint close to this thickness

Parents Mike and Drea have been keeping a daily vlog on the babe over on Youtube called Mike & Drea so we’re waiting for the coolest time lapse video about the time her hair reaches her shoulders.

Should only be another month or two at this rate...

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