Adorable pics show 13 sets of Scottish twins all starting school this year


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There are an incredible 13 sets of twins starting primary school in one small part of Scotland this year.

Council workers in Inverclyde, Scotland, noticed that there was a much higher amount of twins registering this year than normal across the UK - but not so abnormal for Inverclyde.

Amazingly, there are already 151 sets of twins in primary school across Inverclyde at the moment - making Inverclyde thought the be the council area with the highest number of twins in the classroom.

The twins will all attend different schools (Credit: SWNS) ©SWNS

For the past 10 years, there have been an average of 775 births registered each year in Inverclyde, which is 160 km² - slightly bigger than the city of Glasgow, which is 149.9 km².

They have also noticed that there are on average 14 sets of twins starting primary school each year.

WATCH: Adorable 13 sets of twins will start school in September

Inverclyde Education Convener Councillor Jim Clocherty has put this down to the fact that Inverclyde must be a better place to raise a family.

He said: "That gives a twinning rate of 18 per 1000 births which is well above the Scottish average of 15 per 1000 and I wouldn't be surprised if we are among the highest in the country.

"We pride ourselves on our close-knit, family-friendly communities and make no secret of the fact Inverclyde is the perfect place to live, work and raise a family.

"The fact our schools are packed to the rafters with twins only reinforces that message reminding us on a daily basis how every child is part of a bigger family whose members have contributed to the cultural and social heritage of Inverclyde."

These two little lads were clearly best of friends (Credit: SWNS) ©SWNS

Provost for the region Martin Brennan said he is always surprised by the number of twins starting primary school in Inverclyde.

He said: "Every year I am surprised at the significant number of twins we have leaving nursery and heading for primary school.

"It seems to always run into double-figures and this year is no exception."

They looked like they were loving the photoshoot! (Credit: SWNS) ©SWNS

"I am particularly pleased - as a former teacher - to be able to welcome them as they prepare to join their new classmates in their new schools and I am sure they will have a huge amount of fun over the coming years.

"We have some of the best teachers working in some of the best schools in the country and thanks to the support of parents and the wider school communities we maintain high standards of learning across the board."

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