Scheming sister secretly cancels her brother’s wedding – because she didn’t like his bride

Ann Duffy phoned her brother and said "I've saved you on a divorce" after posing as his wife-to-be and cancelling their wedding


by Kayleigh Dray |
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People tend to lose their cool at weddings. There's the typical bridezilla, the crazed mother-in-law and the panicky-looking groom… but we never knew we had to watch out for the groom's sister!

Yup, scheming Ann Duffy secretly cancelled her brother’s wedding, all because she did not like the bride-to-be.

The 50-year-old posed as Sandra Hardy, the wife-to-be of brother David Greatrex, and contacted the registry office to call off the big day.

After the deed was done, she phoned her brother and said: “I have saved you on the divorce. I have cancelled your wedding.”

When Sandra found out, the devastated bride called the police and her would-be sister-in-law ended up in court.

Duffy's lawyer told the jury that she did not like Sandra because of “friction” over the care of her and David’s mother.

Ann Duffy phoned the registry office and posed as the bride-to-be, cancelling the wedding
Ann Duffy phoned the registry office and posed as the bride-to-be, cancelling the wedding

“The defendant still takes the view her brother is not suited to his wife. To avoid him making what she regarded as a disastrous move she cancelled the wedding.”

Duffy admitted harassment and will be sentenced next month.

However, while the lawyer for the prosecution revealed that there were "other incidents reported”, Duffy seems to stand by her decision.

She wrote on Facebook today: “My family know the truth.”

David and Sandra managed to rebook and save their wedding.

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