Sam Barton ‘damages beauty salon equipment’ after refusing to pay bill

A beauty salon in Sutton Coldfield claims Sam Barton smashed up equipment after refusing to pay a bill for almost £3,000. 


by Jack White |
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Louise Fitzpatrick claims that Sam, 23, visited Aesthetica in Great Barr and enjoyed a number of treatments before refusing to pay.

She told the Mail Online: “He went through the bill saying; ‘I’m not paying that, I'm not paying that..’ I couldn't believe it.

“He seemed to think that because we had taken his photo, he did not have to pay, but it is a lot of money for us.”

Joey Essex-wannabe Sam has spoken in the past of the surgery he’s received on the NHS, and has been dubbed ’Britain’s vainest man’.

Louise insists that he damaged one of the salon’s machines after being handed the £2,745 bill.

She continued: “Who the hell does he think he is? We are a business not a charity. He seems to think just because he’s been getting things on the NHS that everything is free.”

Sam’s agent Barry Tomes has claimed that Sam will be paying the amount in full and that they will survey the alleged damaged caused.

He said: “[Sam’s] an idiot. He’s had a mad moment. He acts like a 12-year-old sometimes.”

However Sam doesn’t appear to regret his actions – this week he tweeted a picture of the bill from the salon and wrote: “Are these people taking the p*ss?!”

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