RSPCA blast woman who admits: ‘I get rid of dogs as soon as they stop being cute puppies!’

The charity have branded her Shona Sibary’s behaviour unacceptable


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Shameless Sona Sibary’s recent admission – that she rehomes dogs when they stop being cute puppies – has sparked outrage. The mum of four made the shocking admission in a first person feature in the Mail today.

She wrote: “I have an even worse confession to make; over the past four years I have fallen in love with four puppies and, on each occasion, driven miles with hundreds of pounds of cash in my pocket to buy them. Then, months later, I have turned my back on them and given them away.

Shona added: “To where, today, are all these four-legged friends I promised a ‘for ever home’ to? I’m ashamed to say I have absolutely no idea.

“The minute they become too much trouble — which they always do — I fall out of love and start advertising them in the classifieds section of our local newspaper.”

Her words are shocking. Although there’s no indication Shona doesn’t take good care of the dogs, her words have angered the RSPCA who’ve blasted her irresponsible attitude.

“Giving away dogs once they become too difficult or deemed no longer cute is completely unacceptable and it is a dangerous and very irresponsible message to teach children, Head of the the RSPCA Companion Animal department, Dr Samantha Gaines, told Closer.

“Dogs are not disposable commodities which can be discarded at will and this sort of behaviour and attitude has a significant impact on dog welfare and creates a huge burden for animal welfare charities.”

Dr Gaines added: “Working for the RSPCA and reading about how Shona has got rid of four dogs in four years is just heartbreaking. The RSPCA has 615 dogs available for rehoming right now across the country on our Pet Search webpage.

“Many unwanted pets, like Shona’s, end up in animal shelters. All these dogs are then left desperately waiting for a new loving home.”

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