Royals on Benefits Street: The Queen and Prince Charles accused of receiving thousands in housing benefits every year

New reports claim that the Queen and Prince Charles receive thousands of pounds in housing benefits every single year


by Kayleigh Dray |
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The Royals reportedly receive tens of thousands of pounds a year in housing benefits that are paid by local authorities to landlords.

According to The Mirror, Prince Charles’ Duchy of Cornwall Estate, which has an array of properties across the South West, was paid "at least £163,000 from a string of councils providing cash to households".

The newspaper also reported that the Crown Estate, which gives the Queen 15% of its revenue, received "at least £38,539 in housing benefit payments from just one town hall last year".


Campaigners Defend Council Housing joined the growing call for a cap on the amount of housing benefit private landlords are allowed.

Spokeswoman Eileen Short said: “Prince Charles was brought up in the biggest council house in Britain, ­Buckingham Palace."

Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II
Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth II

"We should be regulating the amount of rent we pay to landlords like him and if the Duchy of Cornwall paid its fair share of taxes we could use the money to build new high quality council housing for the benefit of the nation.

“The housing benefit bill has increased hugely and more than £9billion will be paid this year to private ­landlords. Taxpayers’ money is being used to line the pockets of wealthy landlords and ­property speculators.”

A spokesman for the Crown Estate, however, explained: “Our properties are let to a range of tenants including ­residents who may receive housing benefit.

"As with any landlord, there are some cases where tenants receive housing benefit and the rent is paid directly by the local authority from the tenant’s benefit to the landlord.

“All of The Crown Estate’s profits are returned to the Treasury each year for the benefit of the nation’s public finances.”

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