Right or wrong? Dad films son smashing Xbox as punishment for bad grades

A video of a father swearing as he forces his tearful son to take a sledgehammer to his Xbox has gone viral

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by Jessica Anais Rach |
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A father has posted a clip on YouTube, exposing his son for bad grades.

The three minute video has amassed 35,000 views in just two days.

It sees the young boy hesitating as he stands with a sledgehammer by his Xbox consoles.

On the verge of tears, he can be heard repeating, "It wasn't my fault I got bad grades- it's not my fault", but his father hits back, shouting: "You've had three weeks Jason, let's go- let's go NOW".

Choking back tears and muttering, "I hate my life", Jason then reluctantly strikes the console multiple times.

When he hestiates between strikes, his father shouts: "Let's go!"

When he has destroyed various consoles he moves onto his beloved Xbox, before throwing down the sledgehammer, exclaiming: "No".

"Excuse you?" his father responds, before he angrily shouts: "Pick up the f***ing sledgehammer and smash it".

"But it's not my fault- it's my teacher's fault," Jason responds choking back tears.

"Let's go Jason, now! Pick up the f***ing hammer and do it. Do it or I do it," his father threatens.

"I can't," Jason sobs- dropping his hammer.

The video ends with Jason crying by his Xbox- his console still intact.

We doubt this child will be getting bad grades again.

Do you think this is strict parenting gone too far? Vote or let us know in the comments box below.

Was this dad's punishment too harsh?

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