Right wing camerawoman fired after attack on fleeing refugee carrying young child

A camera woman has lost her job after she was seen kicking a refugee carrying their young child

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by Fiona Day |
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Petra Laszlo of Hungary’s N1TV has made headlines herself after being shown kicking a refugee and tripping them as they carried a young child.

In new footage, the TV worker is seen steering her camera away from one refugee and pointing her foot out to purposefully kick and trip the man as he runs away from police officers.

The man then tripped and fell on top of the young child that he was carrying.

Thankfully neither the child or the man were injured, but the footage has sparked outrage across the world.

More footage reportedly later emerged of the woman kicking other refugees.

A statement from N1TV confirmed that Laszlo had lost her job as a result of her actions.

It read: "Today, a N1TV colleague behaved unacceptably at the Roeszke reception centre. The cameraman's employment was terminated with immediate effect.”

Twitter users have called for Laszlo’s arrest, with one writing: “Firing Petra Laszlo isn't enough. This woman should be arrested for assault and battery.

"Take this violent, sadistic and racist person to jail.”

Police have been attempting to control the numbers of migrants entering Europe as more and more families flee war torn Syria.

Many refugees have managed to make it to countries such as Germany and Austria where they hope to find a safer way of life for their families.

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