Restaurant offers free food to females who flash

A pizza restaurant in America has been criticised for offering free food to all female customers who showed their breasts.


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The restaurant, Drew’s Pizza, is a popular hangout of students with the University of Illinois being close by.

Brice Hartman, an employee of Drew’s, said: “Somebody comes in says, ‘Hey I’m drunk, if I flash you, can I get a free pizza?’ Yeah sure, why not? It makes everybody happy. It makes the crowd happy.”

Drew’s apparently put the idea into action after drunk female students did exactly this.

But after they tweeted their strange offer, there was public outcry.

Female students were offered free pizza if they showed thier breasts
Female students were offered free pizza if they showed thier breasts

They tweeted: “We’ve seen some great pairs tonight,” followed by “WE WANT MORE T*TS.”

A nearby resident wasn’t happy with the strange offer and said: “I don’t know if you have ever been on Green St. at two in the morning, but there are people that cannot stand up straight, much less make the sound decision to lift up their shirt or not for free pizza.”

The restaurant has since taken down their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

What do you think? Is it just students having fun or is the restaurant taking things too far?

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