Rescue dog saves three-year-old girl’s life

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by Thea de Gallier |
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Peanut the rescue dog found the girl shivering in a field

One dog in Michigan has proved herself to really be a human's best friend, after she alerted her owners to the presence of a toddler in need of urgent help.

Peanut was adopted from the Delta Animal Shelter in Escanaba, Michigan, after being brought in with multiple injuries including "broken legs, a belly full of carpet and broken ribs".

Her new owners wrote to the shelter to tell them of Peanut's heroic actions, and they posted the incredible story on their Facebook page, Metro reports.

Peanut alerted her owners that she wanted to go outside, and as soon as they let her out, she "went barreling into the field behind our house at full speed.

"My husband followed her and to his surprise, he found a naked, shivering, 3 year old girl curled up in a ball," the post continues. "He scooped her up, wrapped her in his sweatshirt, and brought her inside."

Read the full post below:

The Delta Country Sheriff's Office verified the story on their own Facebook page. "Deputies went door to door in an attempt to locate the parents. The parents were eventually located at a nearby residence," they wrote.

"Further investigation unveiled unsafe and unsanitary living conditions at the residence. Child Protective Services was contacted and the found girl along with another young female were eventually removed from the residence. The case has been sent to the Delta County Prosecutor's Office for review."

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