Reeva Steenkamp’s mother slams Pistorius early release: ‘He blew her brains out…10 months is not enough’

After it emerged Oscar Pistorius may be out of prison by August - the mother of his victim Reeva has warned of ‘chaos’ if this happens


by Ellie Hooper |
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The 28-year-old Paralympian famously shot and killed girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, 30, on Valentine’s Day 2013 - in a crime that shocked the world.

But after being found not guilty of murder and sentenced to five years for Culpable Homicide, Pistorius is eligible for parole as early as August this year - despite only being put away in October.


Reeva and Oscar in happier times

Speaking about her daughter’s killer being freed, June Steenkamp said: ‘He shot my daughter through that door where she had no space to move or defend herself.’

‘One of the bullets blew her brains out, it is disgusting…10 months is just not enough.’

The 68-year-old said after the trial that she ‘forgave’ Oscar for what he had done, that she did not wish suffering upon him, but that she believed ‘justice must be done.’

‘Otherwise there will be chaos,’ warned the South African.

Pistorius is eligible to have the remainder of his five year sentence converted into home based supervision, in which case he would probably head to the sprawling home of his uncle Arnold.

Oscar sold his four bedroom home, where Reeva died, to pay for his court case.

Earlier this week, Pistorius’s lawyer said the Paralympian is keen to work with children on his release, in order to ‘repay his debt to society.’

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