READ: Woman’s heartbreaking Facebook status reminds us why we should NEVER moan about motorway traffic

“While that traffic was going on and people's ‘lives were being affected’, my life - and my family’s life - was being torn apart at the seams”


by Kayleigh Dray |
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The M50 Southbound closed this morning, leaving many drivers furious at the traffic delays, long snaking queues of cars, and general disruption to their day.

Taking to Twitter to complain, they failed to mention that the traffic was the result of a serious crash, which saw a woman taken to Tallaght hospital in critical condition.

So Lisa Marie, who lost her father in a tragic collision four months ago, decided to pen an open message to those affected by the traffic on Facebook.

Her poignant message read:

I'm rarely confrontational as anyone who knows me will agree. But a woman this morning is fighting for her life in a hospital, her family are getting that dreaded phone call and rushing from where they are to be by her side.

Meanwhile, traffic is disrupted for a few hours while investigators do their job to try get justice for the woman and give the family some answers.

The whole city it seems has nothing more to care about than pissing and moaning about the traffic and how late they will be.

*My dad was killed 4 months ago on the road, at 6.30pm rush hour traffic on a busy main road into the city, the whole area was closed for 12 hours and I saw posts on Facebook people ranting and raving about the traffic, that it was a disgrace and guards were causing chaos closing the road. *

Well let me tell you about "chaos".... while that was going on and people's "lives were affected" my life and my families life was being torn from the seams.

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*A few hours later everyone got to where they were going and forgot that anything ever happened.

I didn't, and never will and neither will the people who witnessed what happened to him innocently crossing the road.

So wise up; we don't know who this poor woman is, her family could be on your fiends list and see your pathetic dribble about the traffic chaos.

Be smart and think of others before yourself. I speak from first hand experience.*

Show some decency!!!!

Take a second to send love and strength to this woman and her family and be grateful you will get to where you going, just maybe a little late.

I'm rarely confrontational as anyone who knows me will agree. But a woman this morning is fighting for her life in a... > >

Posted by [Lisa Marie](#) on [Wednesday, 11 November 2015](

Lisa Marie’s incredible message has over 25,288 likes and over four thousand shares.

One moved Facebook user replied: “I thought the same thing yesterday; people moaning about traffic, but alive all the same.

“My prayers go out to that woman and her family and my sincere sympathies to you and your family - you are a very brave lady!”

Another added: “Sorry for your loss. Posts like this put everything into perspective.”

However some chose to attack Lisa Marie for her comments, insisting they had every right to moan about the traffic.

“Yeah, I’ll still moan, because I don’t know any of the affected parties and I was late for work,” ranted one. “People have the right to say what they want on SOCIAL media.

“The author of this original post is only psing and moaning about people psing and moaning after all.”

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