READ: Woman shares disturbing sex toy mishap, admitting ‘I almost peed myself with fear’

WARNING: This article contains images that some may find disturbing


by Kayleigh Dray |
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The woman, who shared her story on Reddit in a bid to stop others making the same mistake, revealed that she had no idea she'd had a sex toy lodged in her vagina for months.

It wasn't until her boyfriend noticed something was wrong while he was pleasuring her that they were able to work out what was wrong.

She wrote:

We were fooling around with my boyfriend and he started fingering me. Suddenly he goes like "uhhh.. ummm.. Is this normal?" And asked me to feel it by myself.

I almost peed myself from fear. I couldn't understand for the life of me what was this thing inside of me. I actually was feeling the opening of the c**k ring.

When not stretched its diameter can perfectly fit a finger.

Via Imgur

I thought it was my f**king cervix. I though it inflamed and fell down or something. I started to panic.

You see, the c**k ring it soft and pliable, but firmer than anything that could be inside me.

*Then I remembered. *

*Flashback to Halloween. We got shipped this set of 5 c**k rings. It was funny and exciting. *

We were giggling all the way from the post office. And of course we immediately decided to try them out.

*My SO put on two at the same time. And it began. Fun and giggles.. And suddenly his roommate came home. *

We scrambled and in the haste of things not me, not my SO noticed that one ring was missing.

So when I finally and fearfully pulled that thing out it was f**king disgusting. It was sort of transparent.

Via Imgur

*When we bought it it was f**king PURPLE. It was covered and filled with this white discharge. Like mayo or liquefied cottage. Blech.

Gross as f**k. To my surprise the smell was OK. Not bad, just neutral.

So there it is. I learned a couple lessons today:

  • Listen to your body.

  • F**king COUNT how many things go inside and outside of my body.

Is anyone else as horrified as we are?

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