READ: Teenager survives plane crash before trekking through mountains ‘for days’

Aviation experts have said that this teenager’s story of survival is nothing short of a ‘miracle’


by Fiona Day |
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16-year-old Autumn Veatch was flying in a light aircraft with her two step-grandparents when the plane crashed in a dense forest in the state of Washington, USA.

After being the only survivor in the crash, it became clear that Autumn would have to walk through the wilderness- alone- to find help.

Autumn eventually found assistance, but after crawling from the wreckage and walking for ‘several days’ without food or clean water.

Once she had made contact with authorities, Autumn reportedly explained that her family members had been killed in the crash after the plane had caught fire.

Autumn walked 'for days' to find help (Facebook)

She was treated at a nearby hospital for dehydration, but luckily didn’t suffer from any life threatening injuries.

Scott Graham, chief executive office at Three Rivers hospital told The Guardian: “Our initial information is she sustained no life-threatening injuries and is somewhat dehydrated due to being out in the elements.”

A shop worker who saw the girl after she had been rescued told the paper: “She was obviously pretty traumatised.”

According to Autumn’s father, the teen had learned to cope in the wilderness after watching survival shows.

He told the Associated Press: “She’s an amazing kid. There’s more to her than she knows.”

What an incredible story!

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