READ: Man accuses ‘fertility doctor’ of fathering wife’s child – and raping him

Social media users have slammed an agony aunt for 'victim shaming' a man, after he revealed fears he and his wife had been raped

READ: Man accuses \\\'fertility doctor\\\' of fathering wife’s child - and raping him

by Kayleigh Dray |
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Readers of the Mumbai Mirror have flooded Twitter with their shocked responses to the disturbing question posed in the sex advice column.

It read: “I am a 35-year-old and have been married for the last seven years.

“A year ago, my wife and I visited a babaji as we were trying to conceive a child for over five years.

“The babaji gave both of us a medicine to drink and asked us to stay in his ashram for two days.

“Later, my wife conceived and gave birth to a boy.

“My wife thinks it is due to the babaji’s blessings. i feel that the babaji had sex with my wive while we were sleeping as the child looks exactly like him.

“I think the babaji also had sex with me as I had severe back pain following my stay in the ashram. I think the medicine was spiked.

“Can I take action against the babaji?”

If that wasn’t shocking enough, here’s the agony aunt’s response to the dilemma:

“Just accept the good fortune of having a child.

“Divert all your attention to him and your wife. Try to forget about the babaji.

“If you take action against him, be prepared to get entangled in an endless court case for which you may end up paying lawyers’ fees for years.”

Could this be the worst case of victim shaming of all time?

As many social media users have pointed out, the expert should NEVER have asked the man to brush his concerns under the carpet.

Instead, they reasoned, the man should have been encouraged to go to the police about his fears and discuss it with them.

Were you shocked by the advice issued in this column?

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