READ: Every parent needs to read this little girl’s amazing message

Everyone who has a special little girl in their life really needs to read this amazing message…


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A few days ago, Myke Cole, a veteran and security contractor for the military, shared this photo, taken from his young niece’s handmade scrapbook.

Clearly penned by an avid little bookworm, it read:

Katniss taught me to survive.

Hermione taught me to reason.

Tris taught me to be brave.

Hazel taught me to hope.

Eowyn taught me to fight.

Merida taught me to fight for what I believe in.

Via Twitter

Mia's proud uncle wrote: "My niece showed me her scrap book. This entry made my heart grow three sizes.

"Made of hope."

The girl's father later added: "She's my daughter & Myke's niece. We encourage her to read. Period.

"She lead the YA charge in our home."

And Uncle Myke insisted: "I have a rule with her: she asks and I drop whatever I'm doing and buy her any book she wants."

The message is a strong reminder to all parents and guardians to encourage their children to read.

And, perhaps more importantly, to provide little girls everywhere with books and films that feature truly inspirational female role models.

The amazing women and girls listed in Mia's scrapbook can be found in The Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Divergent, The Fault In Our Stars, Lord Of The Rings, and Disney's Brave respectively.

They're all gripping reads (or, in the case of Brave, views) and help girls everywhere to realise that they really can be the hero of their own story - no Prince Charming required.

Anyone else have a feeling that little Mia is shaping up to become a heroine in her own right?

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