READ: Sainsbury’s prankster sets gross ‘taste test’ for customers

Clearly inspired by horror movie Saw, one Sainsbury's customer decided to set the supermarket a hilarious test…


by Kayleigh Dray |
Published on

Sainsbury's were left lost for words when one cheeky shopper posted a hilarious, albeit disgusting, 'test' on their official Facebook page.

Clearly inspired by Saw's against-the-clock tasks, the imaginative poster revealed that they had swapped a box of cereal with something a tad more disgusting - and that it was up to Sainsbury's to figure out where the box was, before a customer ended up buying it.

The prankster wrote: "i replaced one box of rice crisps with a box full of my cats used litter on your shelf [sic].

"it is up to you to detect it before a customer does [sic].

"let the games begin [sic]!"

Via Facebook
Via Facebook
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