READ: Breast cancer victim’s goodbye letter to 4-year-old daughter goes viral

“I am not in heaven… my energy, my love, my laughter, those incredible memories, it’s all here with you.”

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by Kayleigh Dray |
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Heather McManamy was a vibrant, funny, and amazing mother and wife.

But, earlier this week, she tragically died of breast cancer.

At her request, her husband Jeff logged into her Facebook account to share one last status.

It was a final goodbye letter that she had written to her friends and family - with an extra-special message for her 4-year-old daughter, Brianna.

While the letter is full of humour and profanity, it is also incredibly bittersweet - and full of wisdom, particularly when it comes to explaining death to her little girl.

“Please, please, please do not tell Brianna that I am in heaven,” wrote Heather.

“In her mind, that means that I chose to be somewhere else and left her.”


Hello all,I am posting this on behalf of the love of my life. These are her words. Much love to all. - Jeff... > >

Posted by [Heather McManamy]( on [Tuesday, 15 December 2015](

We were particularly moved by the lines: “Please tell Brianna stories, so she knows how much I love her and how proud of her I will always be (and make me sound waaay cooler than I am).

“Because I love nothing more than being her mommy. Nothing.

“Every moment with her was a happiness I couldn’t even imagine until she came crashing into our world.

“And don’t say I lost to cancer. Because cancer may have taken almost everything from me, but it never took my love or my hope or my joy.

“It wasn’t a ‘battle’, it was just life, which is often brutally random and unfair, and that’s simply how it goes sometimes. I didn’t lose, dammit.

“The way I lived for years with cancer is something I consider a pretty big victory. Please remember that.”

Heather’s final words have received thousands of shares on Facebook, and her family have received an outpouring of support from loved ones and friends alike.

We would like to join them in offering our deepest sympathies for their loss.

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