READ: ‘My best friend went missing – and now everybody says she never existed’

One young woman has revealed the shocking truth about her childhood friend Lily, who went missing when she was just five years old


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If you’ve visited Reddit this week, you may have already stumbled upon this intensely unnerving story about a missing child and a decade-long cover up.

"I never saw Lily again"

It's been filed in the No Sleep category, which has been created for people to share their creepiest and most unsettling stories.

The No Sleep admin rules reminds us: "Remember: everything is true here… readers are to assume everything is true and treat it as such."

Which is why this thread caught our attention.


]( "Terrified man reveals his dead girlfriend has been messaging him on Facebook")***

The young woman - who refers to herself only as 'missinglily' - explained: "When I was five years old, twins lived in the house next to me. Their names were Peter and Lily.

"The three of us would play in their yard because they had a sandbox; Peter would bring his plastic dinosaurs across the grass and bury them, and then the three of us would find them.

"Peter was always quiet and gentle; Lily was wild and bossy. They were a perfect contrast to each other. Many days we would fetch Mabel from the house on the other side of mine, because Mabel had a soccer ball. The four of us spent whole summers together.

"Then one day, it was just Peter."

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She continued: "I remember climbing over the fence between my yard and theirs, and finding him sitting alone in the sandbox. 'Where is Lily?' I asked him. He gave me a blank stare.

"I never saw Lily again."

But, years later, the Reddit user explained that she found an old polaroid photograph - and, clearly prominent in the snapshot, was the supposedly imaginary Lily.

She said: "There was only one explanation, and it sent my mind reeling: Lily was real, and everyone had been lying to me all this time. For ten years, I had believed them."


Desperate for the truth, she decided to approach her (now) best friend Mabel and ask for the truth.

But nothing could have prepared her for what she was about to hear.

"Somehow, even though I know what she's done, I'm hesitant to betray her"

She recalled: "Mabel could not find the words to explain away the photo.

"She shrugged and gave a harsh laugh, saying: 'You want to know the truth? Fine. Lily died when she was seven.

"'In order to protect our fragile little minds, her parents told everybody that she had never existed in the first place. It broke Peter and that's why he's so bitter. I moved on. You should too.'"

Unable to believe what she was hearing, the Reddit user pressed Mabel for more information - and, all of a sudden, a horrifying confession poured out.

Mabel had killed Lily during a scuffle over a necklace.

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"[She told me:] 'I used my father's letter opener. Those things will cut straight through your belly.'

"'Why?' I whispered hoarsely. 'Why would you do that?'

"'I wanted the locket', she said simply."

Answering questions posed by anxious fellow users, the Reddit user admitted that she has yet to tell Lily's parents the truth about what happened to their little girl.

She explained: "I haven't had the courage to yet. Mabel left last week.

"Somehow, even though I know what she's done, I'm hesitant to betray her. Maybe I should, though, in case she goes after somebody else."


She added: "Maybe Lily's parents […] suspected Mabel and lied to protect her. That's the reason people normally lie - to protect themselves and others.

"Maybe they even lied to themselves so they could live in denial. I just don't know anymore; with what I believed being shattered, all I see is a bunch of speculation."


Do you think Mabel really murdered little Lily? Is this some type of prank or hoax? Or could this Reddit user have made the story up herself?

Let us know your thoughts below. One thing's for sure; we've been left feeling seriously unnerved. **

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