READ: Is this the most awkward receipt of all time?

This receipt, which has gone viral, is either the most hilarious or the most heartbreaking we’ve ever seen…

READ: Is this the most awkward receipt of all time?

by Kayleigh Dray |
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As every shopaholic out there will know, it is CRUCIAL to keep receipts after you’ve made a purchase.

Only for a little while, mind, but for at least a week or so; after all, what if that pair of ripped jeans turn out to be just a shade too small? Or that shirt dress doesn’t quite sit right?

Anyway, we digress; receipts are good, because they give you the ability to change your mind AND get your money back - which is always a good thing.

Now, one Redditor recently shared the saddest receipt with the saddest reason for a possible return: "date canceled on him."

Sad, that is, until you look at what is is he returned; a pack of condoms.

Via Reddit
Via Reddit

Yup, that’s right; this guy - let’s call him Adam, shall we? - was so confident that he would get lucky on his first date that he bought himself a pack of condoms.

Which is all well and good, we suppose; safe sex and all that.

But… well, why did he return them? At 9.31am in the morning?

We guess maybe he really needed that £3.81 back. or maybe, heartbroken by his failed date, he wound up vowing to NEVER have sex again in an ill-advised protest.

Poor Adam. We feel his pain.

But you know what? We reckon that Adam, wherever he is in the world, should just march back into that shop, re-buy those three condoms, and store them away with pride.

because condoms last, Adam. And, one day, you will use them. We’re sure of it.

What's the strangest thing you've ever returned? Be brave and let us know via the comments box below now.

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