Rape victim is told during 911 call: ‘Quit crying, we’ll never find him’

A rape victim was told during her 911 call that authorities would ‘never find’ the man who had attacked her just moments before.


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The victim was subjected to a horrific ordeal when she woke up to find her attacker holding a gun to her head.

The rapist then threatened to kill her if she didn’t perform sexual acts on him.

After raping the victim, an unnamed woman from Ohio, he stole several of her personal belongings before fleeing.

The victim soon dialled for the emergency services, but was unable to give them an address as she was staying with a friend.

The woman, understandably, was so distressed that she was crying whilst making the call. Rather than comfort her, the teller said: ‘Ma’am, you’re going to have to quit crying so I can get the information from you.’

The victim was told to 'quit crying'
The victim was told to 'quit crying'

When the victim tried to give a description of her attacker, the emergency services worker said, shockingly: ‘Well, they’re not going to be able to find him with the information that you’ve given.’

The woman then reportedly broke down in tears, telling the operator: ‘Don’t you understand how horrified I am? I am a 20-year-old from Upper Arlington. I don’t know what you deal with every day, but the kind of sympathy you have is zero.’

Despite the 911 operator claiming that the rapist would not be found, police arrested the woman’s attacker- 30-year-old Michael Callaghan.

The operator is reportedly not being investigated for the manner in which they spoke to the rape victim.

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