Radio station for dogs launched

Ever worried about leaving your pup alone for an afternoon or when you go to work - for fear that they'll be lonely in a big empty house?


by Ellie Hooper |
Published on

Fear no more, because some scientists down under have come up with a solution.

Dogs that are left alone during the day will feel less lonely from today, as a radio station has been launched designed with them specifically in mind.

The new station has compiled 24-hour programming that will be fun and relaxing for its canine listeners.

Broadcasting to Auckland, New Zealand, the radio show's content will range from classical music to chat shows including Talkies, Fetch in the Park and Meditation. No, we're not kidding.


Canine behaviour consultant Jess Allsop said dogs would be able to focus on words they recognised and would be calmed by the station's music.

Jess explained that the problem with human radios is that the music doesn't necessarily calm dogs down, whereas the new station has conducted research to find tempos and beats that will actively calm them.

Who knows, maybe this will catch on worldwide and we'll have doggy radio in U.K. cities too?

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