Protesters clash with police as cancer victim evicted from home

The 64-year-old, who is currently suffering with prostate cancer, has resisted eviction twice from his Nottinghamshire home, which he has been fighting to keep for eight years.


by Ellie Hooper |
Published on

In a legal battle over his mortgage repayments, Bradford & Bingley have been trying to evict Mr Crawford for years, but have been met by a huge public outcry against the move.

But this week, the cancer patient was finally forced to leave his property, despite 150 protesters turning up to try and stop this occurring.


Police officers formed a ‘ring of steel’ around the property to prevent protesters from entering, blocked the road and placed cordons along it so bailiffs could get to work,

Three protesters were detained after a scuffle with police at the site, where some were wrestled to the ground.

Crawford’s struggle with the mortgage providers began back in 2007, when they claimed he owed them £43,000 in repayments.

But he insists he owes them nothing, due to the fact they changed his mortgage without his knowledge.

After being evicted, Tom said: ‘The bailiffs stormed the place. I am going to go back in, they are not going to stop me. We are going to take this place back.’

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