Proof that cats can be just as loving as dogs

By Jonika Kinchin<p>Move over dogs, man has a new best friend and they're fluffier and cuter than ever.

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by Closer Staff |

We've all seen countless cute videos of dogs welcoming home their owners, more often than not the owners are soldiers returning home from service.

Dogs are famed for being exceptionally loyal to us, with cats famed for being completely the opposite.

However one quite vocal kitty has defied the stereotype, by giving his owner a warm, and very fluffy welcome home.

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You can see the furry feline anxiously waiting for the return of it's dad, showing that cats aren't as simple minded and ignorant as we think they are. But this does makes us wonder what else they know about us...

The cat instantly knows who it is that's walked in, and the cuteness overloads when the kitty jumps into his arms, almost like a child would into a parent.

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We believe cats are as loyals as dogs, despite whatever fancy scientific research has gone on. They love us in their own special way, after all who else is going to scratch their tummy, feed them and point the laser pen at the wall for them?

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