Plane makes emergency landing after drunk passenger storms cockpit

A Virgin Australia flight was forced to make a dramatic emergency landing after a drunk passenger triggered a hijack alert by trying to enter the cockpit.


by Ellie Hooper |
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Troops stormed the aircraft after the pilot reported that it had been hijacked on it's route from Brisbane.

However, it was later confirmed that a drunk passenger had been aggressively banging on the door of the cockpit - but was prevented from entering it by crew, who handcuffed him at the back of the plane.

Virgin Australia have confirmed the plane was not hijacked

The passenger, believed to be Australian Matt Christopher Lockley, 28, was arrested when the plane made an emergency landing at Bali airport.

And unluckily for any travellers looking to arrive or depart from Bali airport, the disturbance locked it down completely.

According to Virgin Australia, flights have now resumed from the airport after a brief shut down.

The 137 passengers and six crew members were unhurt during the debacle, with a spokesman for the airline confirming 'It was a hundred per cent not a hijacking.'

One thing is for sure, that man is going to regret having one drink too many tomorrow.

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