PICTURED: World record for cliff jump at 192ft…gulp

A daredevil has set the record for the highest ever cliff jump - after leaping 192 feet into water below.

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by Ellie Hooper |
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Laso Schaller undertook the nail buying feat, which saw him plunge from a wooden platform constructed on a waterfall down into a pool below.

And just so we can get some perspective here, 192 feet is higher than the leaning tower of Pisa….

The 27-year-old Brazilian performed the jump in Maggia, Switzerland, where Red Bull were on hand to film and photograph him doing so.

Laso was also wearing a camera on his helmet, to make sure he captured every moment of the terrifying descent.

But rather than the jump being an impromptu event, the 26 foot deep pool below had to be pumped full of air to make it ‘softer’ for the daredevil to land on.

Sadly - Scahller overshot his landing and ended up hitting the non aerated part of the water (whilst travelling at 70mph!!)

A special platform also had to be constructed to make sure he could safely judge his jump, while photographers clung to rocks to capture him.

Watch the footage of the jump here.

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