PICTURED: Teenage girl’s hilarious pros and cons list to help her decide between two boys

This revealing note of a teenage girl's 'pros and cons' list about two boys is causing a stir on the internet today, as her hilarious inkings reveal the pair are both absolute catches!

Teenage girl's pros & cons list

by Ellie Hooper |
Published on

Deliberating between Matt and Chase, the young girl carefully lists each individual's plus and minus points, before ending the list with a giant question mark.

For Matt, who seems to fare better out of the pair, the girl says that she loves him, she's 'more comfortable around him,' she 'feels safer with' him and they have more to talk about.

However, the downside to Matt seems to be that her family doesn't like him, he has no job, and is apparently an a**hole.

Chase on the other hand is liked by the girl's family, she has fun with him, and he does what she wants him to - or is 'whipped' as she puts it.

And to make matters worse, Chase has no phone, no vehicle, and to make matters worse he's been in Rehab.

We think you can do better, anonymous teenager!

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