PICTURED: Shocking photos reveal the life of toddler with drug-addict parents

This is Anfisa, 2. Her life being brought up by drug-addict parents in Russia was documented by photographer Irina Popova - revealing the squalor of her existence.


by Ellie Hooper |
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Her parents Lilya and Pasha are shown living a raucous life of parties, drugs and cigarettes, whilst their young daughter wanders amidst it all.

But photographer Irina, who was just 21 when she took the photos, says that just because the images portray situations some parents would never put their children in - this doesn't make them pair bad parents.

The toddler is seen dangling dangerously out of the apartment window
The toddler is seen dangling dangerously out of the apartment window

'The truth is that life is complex and there are many situations too complicated to be judged.'

Their daughter is seen playing with cigarettes as her mother lies passed out

After experiencing a backlash for the photos - because many people felt she should have stepped in to help the situation, Irina said:

'My intention was to talk about the possibilities of love on the margins of society, and I hoped to bring more understanding, to build a bridge between people and to raise awareness that bringing up a child is not an easy task.'

The couple meet with other friends on the street, as their daughter looks on

Luckily now, years after the photos were originally exhibited, both parents are in work and Anfisa lives with her father. She attends school and he has a job as an electrician.

Pasha parties with a friend, as his daughter can be seen in the foreground
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