PICTURED: Moment pregnant woman has narrowest escape ever

A pregnant woman has had a miraculous escape, after falling off a platform in China and being run over by a commuter train.


by Ellie Hooper |

Yue Yan Mai was lucky to escape with her life after overbalancing onto the traintracks. The train was seen coming over the top of the expectant mother, with her legs shown poking out underneath it.

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Mai can be seen crouching down as the train passes over her
Mai can be seen crouching down as the train passes over her

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The five-months-pregnant woman said: 'It seemed to take ages for the train to arrivea nd when I thought I heard something, I leaned out onto the platform to see if I could see it in the tunnel. I just toppled over.'

'It was a combination of being tired and having more weight than I'm used to - and suddenly I found myself lying in front of the train. To say it was terrifying would be an understatement.'

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Mai's legs are visible under the tube train before she is pulled to safety

Mai managed to crawl out from under the train unharmed, and was helped back onto the platform by other commuters. Her and her baby were later given the all clear at a hospital in Beijing.

A spokesperson for the Chinese metro system praised the driver for managing to stop the train so fast. 'I dread to think what would have happened if the driver had not acted so quickly,' they said.

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