Picture shows horrifying moment parents let baby crawl along a cliff edge

This photo captures the shocking moment a couple placed their baby on the edge of a cliff for a dangerous picture opportunity.


by Jessica Anais Rach |
Published on

Hiker Fred Sirevag was shocked when he stumbled across the scene at Preikestolen – known as Pulpit Rock – in Norway.

Describing the terrifying predicament the child was placed in, the hiker said:

‘I saw the mother and she was putting the baby down close to the edge and backing up a little bit so the other lady could get a clean photo of the baby and the Pulpit Rock in the background.

‘It’s a straight drop. You don’t want to go too close because it’s pretty scary. You’d be pretty much dead if you fall down there.’

Explaining to the Norwegian press that he had considered getting involved, a horrified Fred explained that 'they picked up the kid moments later.'

The drop by the picturesque but deadly cliff is a stomach-churning 1,900ft.

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