Photos: Doug the world’s coolest pug has taken over Instagram

Love pugs? Then you'll fall head over heels in love with the world's coolest pug, Doug.<p>Between playing with his band, skateboarding and dressing up in some very cool outfits, Doug is definitely worth a follow on Instagram!</p>


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Proud pug owner Leslie from Nashville, Tennessee, is so proud of her handsome puppy Doug that she decided to devote her entire Instagram account to sharing photos of his outfits and many adventures.

Check out these adorable photos- which look do you think suits Doug best?


Photos: Doug the world's coolest pug has taken over Instagram

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"Long night out last night..there's no way in hell I'm doing no coffee dance" -Hungover Doug

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"I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller..and while you're at it, I wish I had thumbs too" –Doug

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"Dayyummmm!" -Doug to a lady pug

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Hipster Doug says, "I love dog whistles. You've probably never heard it before"

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"COWABUNGA! I'm convinced Doug becomes a Ninja Turtle at night"

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Shark week may be coming to a close, but always beware of the puddles you may step in…

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"Doug and the Pugs are opening up for our new friends in @setitoffband and @stagesandstereos tonight! Doug is a natural front man #barkdownsnotbreakdowns"

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Someone was a bit camera shy at our photoshoot today…

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Do or do not, there is no try –Doug

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"Happy Cinco de Mayo from this guy!"

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"2 Chainz is playing here in Nashville this weekend - you're lookin' at his hype man"

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"Someone had a wee bit too much green beer in celebration of today…"

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"M E R R Y christmas!"

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(Saddest Santa ever!)

"Don't be alarmed if this old man comes down your chimney tonight... just be sure to leave him a few milkbones."

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