There’s a petition for BBC’s Three Girls to be shown as an educational programme in schools

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BBC's powerful drama, Three Girls, has shone a light on the grooming and sexual exploitation of vulnerable, young girls in Rochdale. And now there's a petition calling for the series to be shown to school children.

Last night, the final episode of the BBC's three-part drama Three Girls aired.

The show, which has gripped the nation all week, told the true story of abuse suffered by vulnerable young girls in Rochdale and their battle to get justice.

However, although the show highlighted the abuse in Rochdale, it's by no means an isolated case.

Sammy Woodhouse - who recently opened up about her ordeal to Closer Magazine - suffered similar grooming and abuse in Rotherham.

Rochdale grooming ring, Three Girls BBC
The abuse in Rochdale was by no means an isolated case (Credit: BBC) ©BBC

And now, someone has set up a petition calling for Three Girls to be shown as an educational programme in schools, to try and stop abuse like this from ever happening again.

The petition, which was set up on 38 Degrees with the hope it'll eventually end up with Education Secretary Justine Greening, was set up by mum-of-two Debbie Purcell.

Explaining why she thinks it's so important, she wrote: "We need to ensure our children are educated about this difficult and sensitive subject matter.

"This is not a topic that would normally be discussed at home. This needs to be changed and stamped out of our society. The only way is to educate our children. Make them aware that this is not acceptable behaviour and what pitfalls to look out for. To advise them of the options that are available to them."

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There are calls for the programme to be shown in school to educate kids (Credit: BBC/ Three Girls) ©BBC/ Three Girls

Debbie's feelings echo those of the Family Education Trust, who issued a statement earlier in the week stressing the importance of learning lessons from these past cases of abuse.

Family Education Trust director, Norman Wells, warned: "If we continue to turn a blind eye to the root causes of the current malaise, we can expect to see yet more horrific cases of child sexual exploitation."

Where can I sign the petition for Three Girls to be shown in schools?

You can sign the 38 Degrees petition here.

Where can I watch BBC's Three Girls?

You can watch all three episodes of Three Girls on BBC iPlayer.

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