These are the top 10 things people do to fake seeming perfect


by Emma Dodds |
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Apparently, people are getting a bit obsessed with the idea of being perfect - reportedly spending an hour and 40 minutes every day on appearing perfect to others.

And what do people spend that time on? Within that hour and 40 minutes, they'll be editing selfies, cleaning the house before guests arrive and applying face creams to appear younger.

A worrying 45% of 2,000 adults surveyed by New York Bakery Co. admitted to make parts of their lives appear more perfect than they really are.

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A quarter of people apparently wish that there was less emphasis on people to look and seem perfect, with more importance being placed on being real and authentic.

Of those studied, 20% lay the blame at the door of TV, films, celebrities and even their own friends for making them feel as though they should try and appear more perfect.

Incredibly, over one in 10 people have thrown away a meal that they've started to prepare and began again because it didn't look right.

Which seems pretty crazy to us - we can't think of many good reasons to throw away a good meal!

People frantically clean their houses to seem more perfect to their friends (Credit: Getty Images) ©Getty Images

The top 10 things people do to try and seem perfect

  1. Cleaned the house before guests come over to make it look spotless

  2. Gone to the gym or exercise classes

  3. Gone on holiday in a certain location

  4. Applied filters to your photos

  5. Fake tanned

  6. Bought miracle face creams

  7. Bought top of the range ingredients and food when making meals for others

  8. Photo-shopped images

  9. Took diet pills

  10. Bought a new car and put it on finance

Have you ever done any of these things to try and seem perfect to your friends or family? Let us know over on Facebook and Twitter.


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