People are campaigning to ban the word ‘hun’ – but why?!

Covering ears

by Eden-Olivia Lord |
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Most people use the word hun in a friendly manner, to greet their friend, talk about someone, or just in a normal conversation.

But did you know the word is also derogatory?

The campaign - which was supported by the Rangers fan board - came after people used the word to abuse the singer Amy McDonald online after she criticised England’s former football player Stan Collymore.

The internet petition to ban the word said the the word is used for: ‘Religious hatred, a derogatory and sectarian term for a protestant or those perceived to be protestant.’

Nicola Sturgeon
Nicola Sturgeon

According to the Herald Scotland, the petitioners planned on going to lobby Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to make the word illegal.

Even though the campaigner believed the word was as offensive as the word 'fenian' and had over 1000 supporters, it has since been closed.

They also wanted to ban chants that supported the IRA, as they are “unacceptable and have no place in society”.

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