Panic in the skies as passenger ‘lands plane’ after pilot falls ill

A passenger was forced to help land a plane after the pilot suddenly became seriously ill


by Fiona Day |
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When the pilot of Jet Airways flight 9W063 suddenly became unwell, a brave passenger stepped up to help.

Co-pilot Samir Malhotra was responsible to make the emergency landing, but luckily a qualified pilot was on board to assist him during the dramatic situation.

A spokesperson for Jet Airways said: “The Captain of Jet Airways flight 9W 063 from Bangkok - Delhi fell sick during the latter part of the flight.

"The first officer took over as the commander and declared an Emergency as per company and regulatory requirements. This is done so that the flight is accorded high priority and preparations are made for the flight's arrival on the ground. The aircraft landed safely at Delhi Airport.

The passenger help the co-pilot land the plane safely
The passenger help the co-pilot land the plane safely

"The Captain was being looked after by a Doctor that was traveling as a passenger on board the flight. The first officer was assisted by another Jet Airways Captain that was positioning as a passenger from Bangkok to Delhi.

They continued: “As part of our flight training program, the flight crew and cabin crew of Jet Airways are routinely trained to handle this as well as other possible exigencies that may develop during flight."

Airline authorities have started an investigation into the incident after Indian aviation rules were reportedly broken during the crisis.

Despite the plane landing safely, the cabin staff have allegedly been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation.

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