Parents slammed after forcing their son to live in garden as punishment

Most parents punish their children by grounding them or sending them to their room, however these parents took a different approach...

Boy in a tent in the garden

by Eden-Olivia Lord |
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Jacob and Angela Boggus, the parents of a 16-year-old, decided to punish their son after he told them he was stealing for them.

However, unlike many parents, they decided that grounding him wasn't the answer.

Instead, they sent him to live in the garden for a MONTH.

The couple said they have tried other methods but none worked, so they decided to try something new.

The mother, Angela, told CBS affiliate KRQE: “We’re not doing anything wrong” and justified her punishment by saying: “We are simply trying to teach our child a lesson.”

And thinking ahead for the future Jacob, the father, said: “If he doesn’t learn that now, it’s going to be the whole world’s problem - not just ours - in a couple of years.”

Even though their son has to stay in the tent for a month, he is provided with water, is allowed to use the bathroom and at 9pm he goes to sleep inside the house.

However some of their neighbours do not agree with their method of punishment. One neighbour told the news outlet, KRQE, that it was “an awful thing to do to a human being.”

Others reported the parents punishment to the police but Valencia’s County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Gary Hall said: "I don’t see anything that is abuse or negligent”.

Other people have shown their support towards the parents by commenting on KRQE’s Facebook post. One user wrote: “Kudos to the parents on this one. I am not sure why the neighbours even have a problem. He gets food, water, restroom, and a/c when it’s hot. Not a whole lot to gripe about”.

Another wrote: “My prayers are with both the parents & the child. It is TOUGH LOVE. Better a tent than a cell. Hopefully he’ll straighten-out”.

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