Parents’ shocking reactions to children coming out as gay exposed: “Mum didn’t talk to me for months”

In an emotional video, six young people have revealed how their parents reacted when they told them they were gay. And it's a must-watch…


by Kayleigh Dray |
Published on

How does it feel to come out?

Pivotal. Liberating. But, of course, it is terrifying at first.

These six young people have sat down and revealed how they came out to their families and friends - and, for some, the news shook their parents to the core.

One man explains that he sat down and told his parents while they were staying at Disney World, only for his mother to burst into tears.

"Would you prefer that I was on drugs?" he asked her.

"At least drugs can be fixed," came her reply.

Watch the emotional and enlightening video for yourself below:

We think the saddest moment is the woman who reveals her mother didn't speak to her for three whole months after she came out as gay - but at least they are working past that initial reaction now.

How would you react if your son or daughter came out as gay? Please let us know in the Comments Box below now.

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