Parents left furious after 7 girls aged 13-14 fall pregnant on school trip

Seven schoolgirls, aged between 13-14, fell pregnant on a school trip, leaving their furious parents demanding to know what happened.


by Jack White |
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The girls were on a trip from their Bosnian school in Banja Luka to the country's capital Sarajevo.

Now the parents are demanding to know why such little supervision was in place during the trip.

But some are blaming the parents for the lack of sexual education in the children. Senad Mehmedbasic, a Bosnian gynaecologist, said: "That is the trend of today.

The girls were on a school trip when they fell pregnant [stock image]
The girls were on a school trip when they fell pregnant [stock image]

"But we can not continued to allow our children to be educated about sex on the street and not in school.

"It is obvious that children do not have enough knowledge of health education so they engage in such actives, not knowing the consequences.

"We have to be more direct in the educational system, it must not be allowed that street teaches children about intimate matters, and that they ar elater slapped by life."

The National Coordinator for Reproductive Health of the Republika Srpska claimed that 'parental neglect' was to blame for the shock pregnancies, not the teachers.

What do you think? Is is the parents' fault that seven out of 28 girls on the trip fell pregnant? Or should the teachers have been stricter with supervision?

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