Parents’ fury as child put in full body restraint at dentist!

How would you feel if this happened to your child?


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A dentist has come under fire for using a controversial restraint device on young children.

Smiles-R-Us have been criticised by the parents of a young girl after the found her in the full body restraint after they took her in to have a tooth out.

The practice insist that all parents sign a consent form which allows them to use it but James Crow, who found his daughter, Elizabeth, in the device claims otherwise.

James, from Georgia, has slammed the surgery for using the papoose board, which holds down “uncooperative children”.

“We were sitting out in the waiting room and all of a sudden, we heard somebody screaming,” Elizabeth's grandmother Evelyn Crow said.

Evelyn, who went with James the dentist, then claimed the surgery claimed they were not allowed to go and see Elizabeth. However, James forced his way through and found Elizabeth lying on the table unattended.

“It was awful to see her tied down like that,” said Evelyn added. “It hurt me.”

A spokesperson with the Georgia Board of dentistry said there were no restrictions in place to say that the papoose board could not be used but the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry warned the restraint device “may lead to potential serious consequences, such as physical or psychological harm.”

The dentist involved in the case has not commented about the complaint.

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